Thank you for your interest in joining my Book Club.  Please take note of these rules, so that you do not miss out on any benefits.

  1. You need to register as a member of my site to join the Book Club.
  2. You need to have read and reviewed all the free books on this site before you will be granted access to the Book Of The Month.  The aim of the Book Club is to grant you access to my books freely, so that you can drop your honest reviews for me.  So, if you haven’t bothered to read or review the freely available books, I wouldn’t be keen to give you free access to more…
  3. You need to read and review every Book Of The Month to continue to enjoy your free access to my books.  If you do not have the chance to read a book before it becomes unavailable, then you will have the option to buy the book at 30% discount (available to Book Club members only) and drop your review.  Thereafter, you can continue to read free books as a Book Club member.
  4. If you miss two books of the month, your membership to the Book Club will be revoked.  You can reactivate your interest in the Book Club by buying any of the books you haven’t read at full price, and dropping your review on the book.  Your Book Club membership will be reactivated afterwards, upon your request.
  5. You may not trade your access to free books nor share the books you are given access to on this site with your friends, whether or not they are also members of the site.  Each person must use their own access to read books on this site.  Those who break this rule will be banned from the website when they are discovered.  Check the Terms Of Use page for more rules our of engagement here.

Feel free to invite your friends to join the Book Club.  It is free for everyone to register on the site, and if you read and review the Book Of The Month each month, you will never have to pay to read another one of my books…  Unless you just can’t wait to read the title you want to read.  In which case, I would be very grateful to have your patronage.

Also remember that from just $1 a month, you can become a patron and get access to every story I’ve written and published here, and exclusive access to new releases too.  Visit my Patreon page to become a patron or check out my Subscriptions page, if you are having challenges with Patreon.  Contact me if you need additional help.

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